As the 10th most populated state in the USA due to large metro areas such as Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids, Michigan is sure to have no shortage of pet stores. But, not all shops selling pets and pet supplies carry exotics pets like snakes and frogs

Here is a list of some exotic pet stores in Michigan population centers like the greater Detroit area, Lansing and Grand Rapids.

Or, you can opt for buying a reptile online from a reputable family owned and operated shop.

Detroit Area

The largest city in Michigan, Detroit and the surrounding area, is of course going to have its fair share of pet shops. In no special order here are some of the top options in and around the city. 

detroit michigan at night

House of Pets

House of Pets carries reptiles, small mammals like rabbits and hamsters as well as both freshwater and saltwater fish. 

Address: 5726 Middlebelt Road, Garden City, MI 48135


Stingers Exotics

Stingers Exotics  has almost every type of reptile pet you can imagine from a variety of snake pets to skinks and turtles. They also sell arachnids, scorpions and amphibians. 

Address: 18774 Middlebelt Rd, Livonia, MI 48152


Allen Park Critter

Offering birds, fish, reptiles and small animals like hamsters you can also find all the supplies you need.

Address: 19309 Ecorse Rd. Allen Park, MI 48101

Lou’s Pet Shop

Lou’s is an independent pet shop that has been around since the 70’s. They cater to both owners of standard pets like cats and dogs as well as exotics like bearded dragons. 

Address: 20779 Mack Ave Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236



Preuss Pets

Pruess Pets has all the regular types of animals you would expect like cats and dogs, but they also carry a large variety of reptiles. They offer many species of snakes like pythons and corn snakes as well as lizards and amphibians. 

Address: 1127 N. Cedar St. Lansing, MI 48906


Grand Rapids

V.I. Pets

V.I. Pets has three different locations. One in Holland, one in Cutlerville and another in Plainfield.

They have all the normal pets you would expect, but V.I Pets offers all sorts or reptiles like iguanas, toads, bearded dragons and many different types of pet snake.

Address: 6701 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI 49548


Other Options

There are of course other pet shops that sell reptiles located throughout the Great Lake State, but those featured above are independent options in large population centers. You’ll find plenty of national big name brand shops, but we only care to share independent exotic pet shops. 

If we missed one you think we should include, please let us know here

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